Omniarch manages the entire e-commerce department at STIGA Sports

Thanks to a tech stack consolidation suggested and managed by Omniarch, where Centra replaces three systems (Magento, Inriver, and Occtoo), STIGA Sports now has a cost-effective solution for their e-commerce operations. The move serves STIGA Sports in their ambition to remain true to their brand and ensures availability for its professional and leisure products.

STIGA Sports x Omniarch E-commerce
STIGA Sports x Omniarch E-commerce

Omniarch, a longstanding partner of STIGA Sports has, in the latter half of 2022, acted as project manager for the platform transition within an interim role. In 2023 we are taking the collaboration even further by fully managing STIGA Sports’ e-commerce department:

“First and foremost, it’s great to have STIGA Sports’ continued trust in 2023, where we now manage their entire e-commerce operations. We have collaborated in various capacities to achieve their ambitions to expand and sell in more markets. Leaving Magento 2 behind, we are already seeing an incredible conversion increase of nearly 100%. Currently, sales are tracking over 100% up vs last year. Also behind this achievement is the global growth made possible now with Ventanas 95 and Centra,” says Benjamin Östgårdh, interim Head of E-commerce.

STIGA Sports launched their new Swedish, German, French, and European sites just in time for Black Friday. Shortly before new year, they launched in the UK, and at the same time, a brand-new showroom for STIGA Sports’ B2B customers was opened. Andreas Zandrén, CEO of STIGA, comments:

“In Omniarch, we have flexibility and extensive expertise in identifying areas worth investing in to create the best conditions for growing our digital business. We have been live in Germany and France for a few months now and are launching in the UK thanks to the scalability of Centra’s platform. We are also excited to finally introduce a new dedicated B2B site that will strengthen our collaboration with our important resellers.”

STIGA Sports x Omniarch E-commerce

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