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From Professionals to Professionals: Support in Digital Decisions

With our Digital Advisor service, you gain a dedicated contact, a reliable partner who understands your situation as a manager and decision-maker. Your contact will listen to your ideas, offer valuable insights, and help you address your challenges.


Our experiences elevate you!

Over the years, many of our clients have shared that beyond the results we achieve in their projects, they love having someone to consult and brainstorm with.

The experience from the hundreds of projects we’ve led and the clients we’ve met gives us a unique industry knowledge that makes our consultants excellent advisors.

Omniarch Digital Advisor, aims to support businesses in their pursuit of growth in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


What does it cost?

Omniarch Digital Advisor is a subscription model where, for a fixed monthly fee, you get a contact person at Omniarch for advice and brainstorming, access to Omniarch’s knowledge bank and benchmark figures, and invitations to exclusive events and seminars.

What suits you?

  • Annual Subscription (12 months): 7999 SEK excl. VAT/month
  • Monthly Subscription: 9999 SEK excl. VAT/month

What’s included?

  • Up to 5 hours per month
  • Omniarch business development framework
  • Omniarch expertise
  • Omniarch comparison database
  • Omniarch knowledge database
  • Online knowledge sharing
  • Exclusive newsletters
  • Seminars and meet-ups
Hans Edlund, CSO.

Knowledge sharing at its best!

Even though Omniarch Digital Advisor is a new concept, Omniarch has long experience in advisory roles, both in individual advisory engagements and within larger projects.

Knowledge sharing is in Omniarch’s DNA; we have always actively worked to share our knowledge, experience, and insights, both internally and externally.

With Omniarch Digital Advisor, we create a platform where our knowledge and advice can benefit more businesses, even those that currently do not require our consulting services.

– Hans Edlund, CSO at Omniarch.


Want to know more?

Let us tell you more about Omniarch Digital Advisor in a brief meeting. Send us an email to and include:

– Company Name
– Website
– Contact Person (Name)

Pontus Lindh, CEO, Holdit

Having Omniarch’s advisory support as we significantly scaled up our D2C business over the past few years has been incredibly valuable. Through Omniarch’s advice, we have received help in prioritizing our various projects, decision support in different strategic choices, and significant benefits from their extensive industry network. Given this background, it was an easy decision to sign up for their new Digital Advisor program.

Pontus Lindh

CEO, Holdit

The Three Pillars of Our Digital Advisor Service

  • Advisory

    Actionable Insights and Strategies:

    Get up to 5 hours of monthly advisory from one of our most experienced consultants, dedicated to helping you achieve optimal results. Our advisor will work with you to identify new opportunities, overcome challenges, and develop a winning digital strategy.

  • Access

    Extensive Resources and Tools:

    Our advisor has access to a wealth of resources and tools, including the Omniarch business development framework, a comparison database, and a knowledge database. We’ll leverage these resources to provide you with the latest industry trends, best practices, and more.

  • Meetings & Sharing

    Exclusive Networking and Learning Opportunities:

    Attend our online knowledge-sharing sessions, digital meet-ups, and live seminars (available to attend digitally or in-person). Plus, receive exclusive monthly newsletters.