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We truly understand our clients, for real. Explore our case studies to see how we've challenged, created value, and maximized growth in many of our projects.

EQPE x Omniarch
SkiStar & EQPE x Omniarch in a Long-Term Partnership for Digital Growth Across Multiple MarketsView case
Hemköp app 2023 Case
Omniarch was tasked by Hemköp to enhance the user experience and functionality of their mobile application.View case
Focus on areas for optimization and business opportunities identified in a previous Digital Assessment. View case

More cases

  • Ellos

    Thanks to the strategic advice and operational expertise of Omniarch's marketplace specialists, Ellos maximized their sales potential on Zalando.

  • MQ Marqet

    Our mission is to strengthen MQ Marqet’s digital presence and assist them on their growth journey. This is achieved by leading and taking full operational and strategic charge of the e-commerce department.

  • Nordiska Kompaniet

    Omniarch led and developed parts of the organization for and managed the transition to a goal-oriented and conversion-optimized approach to digital marketing.

  • Cervera

    Omniarch played a pivotal role in driving Cervera's digital development and growth, focusing on digital marketing, digital business development, and project management.

  • SmartaSaker

    We joined SmartaSaker as digital business developers and e-commerce managers.

  • Office Depot

    We conducted an examination of the digital customer journey from search results and ads to website, assortment, campaigns, delivery, and customer service.

  • The Tea Centre of Stockholm

    Leading and planning onsite development and digital platforms together with The Tea Centre and developers.

  • Suitopia

    Omniarch supported in business development, analysis, project management, and requirements gathering.

  • Sandqvist

    Identifying potential growth areas for the e-commerce business using Omniarch Digital Assessment.

  • Understatement Underwear

    Understatement expressed a desire for an independent review of its digital customer journey, from ads to website.

  • Petites Mains Creative Fashion

    Business development and hands-on operational efforts in the daily tasks of marketing and evaluation.

  • Keesing

    The assignment was initially divided with a major focus on UX design and the launch of the new, as well as an interim assignment as e-commerce manager. We also worked with several growth projects including website enhancements, marketing, B2B, and CRM.

  • Cellbes

    Omniarch has significantly contributed to transforming Cellbes from a mail-order company to a pure e-commerce business.

  • BabyWorld

    Together with Babyworld's management, our aim was to develop the business whilst simultaneously ensuring the delivery of a new e-commerce platform.

  • StudioNord

    We improved StudioNord's e-commerce by securing a new agency for traffic acquisition, optimizing purchase flows, and developing a KPI report for informed decision-making.

  • Hudoteket

    Omniarch assisted Hudoteket in leadership, requirements specification, and development of digital marketing initiatives, as well as KPI management and goal optimization within web analytics.

  • MEDS

    We supported MEDS strategically and operationally, creating a performance marketing program among other initiatives that drive significant revenue through scalable and cost-effective traffic acquisition.

  • Casall Sport

    Strategic e-commerce development from both a commercial and infrastructural perspective.

  • Mini Rodini

    Mini Rodini needed to find ways to quickly revitalize and scale up its e-commerce. Over a period of two years, we have been involved in driving a total transformation of the e-commerce segment.

  • Happy Homes

    We have played both an operational and strategic role in driving Happy Homes' digital development and growth.

  • Dedicated

    Strategic focus and operational finesse as Omniarch supported Dedicated.

  • Life

    Omniarch acted as interim E-commerce Manager with commercial responsibility for Life's e-commerce in Sweden.

  • Bonnier Magazines & Brands

    Strategic guidance on Bonnier Magazines & Brands´ digital journey.

  • Newport

    Omniarch's team delivery to Newport has covered several focus areas where we have acted in multiple roles to maximize the potential of tools and campaigns.

  • Röhnisch

    Strategic and operational focus on how to drive sales and further develop onsite based on established KPIs.

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