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  • Focus Areas

    E-commerce Strategy, KPI Framework, SEO, Sales.

  • Our Roles

    E-commerce Manager, D2C Sales Lead.

This collaboration aimed to enhance Tanrevel®'s e-commerce capabilities, streamline operations, and drive significant growth. This case study highlights the deliverables and the impressive outcomes of this partnership.

The project began with a comprehensive Digital Assessment conducted by Omniarch. This assessment involved a thorough analysis of Tanrevel®’s digital business, focusing on strategic positioning, data traffic, sales, and organizational structure. The goal was to identify key areas for improvement and develop a roadmap to achieve these enhancements.

The collaboration between Tanrevel® and Omniarch yielded remarkable results, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategies implemented:

Gross Margin Increase: Achieved a staggering 332% surge in Gross Margin 3.
Cost Reduction: Successfully streamlined operations, reducing sales-related expenses by 24%.
Subscriber Growth: Expanded the first-party data repository, witnessing a robust 53% growth in the subscriber base.
Enhanced Visibility: Elevated Tanrevel®’s digital presence, with key search terms reaching top positions in Google’s SERPs.

Key Aspects:

  • Operational Streamlining:

    Challenge: High operational costs were affecting profitability. Solution: Omniarch introduced measures to streamline operations, resulting in a 24% reduction in sales-related expenses.

  • Enhanced Digital Presence:

    Challenge: Improving visibility and search engine rankings. Solution: Strategic SEO initiatives propelled key search terms to the top 3 positions on Google's SERPs, significantly boosting Tanrevel®'s online presence.

  • Data and Subscriber Growth:

    Challenge: Expanding the first-party data repository and increasing the subscriber base. Solution: Omniarch's targeted strategies led to a 53% growth in Tanrevel®'s subscriber base, enhancing customer engagement and retention.

"Working with Omniarch's experienced consultants has been amazing. They know how to ask the right questions and ensure we follow through on our plans. The numbers show we're on the right track, and we're looking forward to the rest of 2024 with confidence."

Andrea Marschall-Hurtig

CEO of Tanrevel®

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