Omniarch Digital Assessment

In a Digital Assessment, concrete actions are identified for increased profitable sales

We go through the entire digital buying experience, providing analysis, improvement suggestions, and a prioritized roadmap. The purpose is to conduct an objective analysis based on available data and established best practices, aiming to generate hypotheses for your company's ongoing transformation efforts. Omniarch Digital Assessment provides the foundation needed to significantly impact digital business development.

Omniarch Digital Assessment (English)

Comprehensive analysis based on validated data

A Standard Digital Assessment analyses and proposes actions concerning:

  • Context – Your offer and competition, tech & org setup, targets.
  • Customer Activation – Customer acquisition and optimizing customer value.
  • Buying Experience – The customer’s journey from initial contact to delivery.
  • A health check is conducted to ensure the accuracy of the data being analyzed.

An Extended Digital Assessment also includes:

  • Organization & Operations: Deep dive into the conditions for running the business.
Omniarch Digital Assessment

A DA covers 50-150h and is normally delivered within a four-week period

Conditions for a successful delivery:

  • Start-up with definition of scope and priority areas
  • Access to data to be able to carry out analyses
  • Availability and openness for questions/conciliations during the course of the project


  • Analysis with an outside perspective
  • Verification and completion of insights based on data analysis
  • Estimation and initial prioritization based on Effect/Effort
  • Compilation in report
  • Presentation of key findings
Tillväxtbyrå för E-handel och Digital Affärsutveckling - Omniarch AB

We deliver concrete improvement proposals and a prioritized action list

After completing the Digital Assessment, we hold a presentation/workshop with you. During this session, we go through and highlight our most important insights in each part of the DA and present how we see that these insights could be taken further. In conclusion, we normally deliver an estimate of what the proposed changes could bring as well as a list of concrete actions to take further.

After the project is completed, a summary of the it is delivered in report form, which is supplemented with more detailed appendices for each part of the DA. As well as one suggestions on how we at Omniarch can help you develop your digital business.

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