Holdit x Omniarch
Holdit x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    Business development, retailer strategy, project management, e-commerce, traffic acquisition (SEO, affiliate, etc.).

  • Our Roles

    Business Developer and Strategic Advisor.

Omniarch, together with Holdit's team, has worked on areas for optimization and business opportunities identified in a previous Digital Assessment.

The mission included providing strategic advice and best practices for implementing Omniarch’s Digital Assessment (DA). Examples of focus areas include developing a business development forum based on a conceptual prioritization matrix and providing strategic support in evaluating, deciding, and prioritizing external collaboration initiatives for business development. We also assisted in the development of Holdit’s retailer strategy.

Key Aspects

  • Project Prioritization:

    Based on the DA and internal work, we compiled Holdit's potential projects based on a SEE THINK DO CARE model. In a joint business development forum, we prioritized current projects with the customer and acted as a strategic advisor in project implementation.

  • Strategic Expertise:

    With our extensive experience in helping brands grow their D2C business online, we have been able to support Holdit in their strategic decisions.

  • E-commerce and Digital Marketing Know-how:

    Having gone through similar journeys many times before, we know which paths work, which components need to be in place, which systems deliver the best results, and what they should cost. With the business development forum as a base, we have been able to continuously transfer this knowledge to Holdit.

Holdit - Elevating Digital Strategy with Omniarch's Digital Advisor

2023/2024 - Holdit engages Omniarch's Digital Advisor service, benefiting from a dedicated business development forum facilitated by our expert team. This initiative is spearheaded by Hans Edlund, CSO at Omniarch, leveraging his extensive experience in digital commerce and business growth.

Regular Meetings: We have established a consistent schedule of meetings with Holdit’s digital leadership team, convening every two weeks. These sessions serve as a platform for in-depth discussions on their business development initiatives.

Strategic Prioritization: Each meeting focuses on evaluating and prioritizing Holdit’s ongoing and upcoming projects. This ensures that resources are allocated to the most impactful initiatives, aligning with Holdit’s strategic goals.

Project Pathways: In addition to prioritization, we delve into the critical decision points for each project. By analyzing various pathways, we guide Holdit through potential challenges and opportunities, enabling informed decision-making.

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Pontus Lindh, VD Holdit

"It has been an intense spring in many ways, and the setup we have with Omniarch has proven to be very valuable. We have landed many projects and are now stronger than ever before, with an organization that matches our ambitions."

Pontus Lindh

CEO, Holdit AB

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