SmartaSaker x Omniarch
SmartaSaker x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    E-commerce, requirements specification, online marketing.

  • Our Roles

    Digital Business Developer/E-commerce Manager.

We joined SmartaSaker as digital business developers and e-commerce managers. We supported strategy within online marketing, requirements specification, and improved the on-site customer experience.

We had a strategic and operational role in the implementation and follow-up of actions to improve conversion and increase online sales.

  • Assistance with Online Marketing Strategy: Requirements specification and follow-up with developers and external partners.
  • Improvement of On-site Customer Experience: Key Aspects
  • Improved Requirements Specification: Better and more frequent follow-up and requirements specification with external partners to ensure that marketing channels, developers, and partners deliver the best possible results.
  • Enhanced On-site User Experience: A/B testing of design and functionality, as well as setting up automated flows, user-generated, and personalized content.
  • Driving More Traffic and Increasing Sales: Optimizing existing channels and adding new ones.

Digital Renewal for SmartaSaker

April 3, 2024 – SmartaSaker, which has experienced significant organic growth in recent years, approached Omniarch at the end of 2023 after realizing the necessity of ensuring the robustness and efficiency of its e-commerce operations for future expansion. Read the news →

"We are on a growth journey and continue to see e-commerce as a very favorable part of our business. Omniarch and their team of senior e-commerce specialists will bring expert knowledge to our organization, expanding our digital business and enabling even more customers to access our offerings."

Ella Stemme

Founder & CEO, SmartaSaker

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