Nordiska Kompaniet

Nordiska Kompaniet x Omniarch
Nordiska Kompaniet x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    E-commerce, UX, Marketplace, Digital marketing.

  • Our Role

    Responsible for E-commerce.

Nordiska Kompaniet engaged Omniarch in connection with the launch of its e-commerce in the fall of 2020. The iconic department store NK, Nordiska Kompaniet, launched its e-commerce in the fall of 2020 and brought in Omniarch for operational and strategic support.

Thanks to rich industry experience and a habit of leading e-commerce organizations, Omniarch could quickly identify optimizations in workflows, communication, and internal responsibilities.

The assignment included leading and developing parts of the organization for and project-managing the transition in becoming goal-oriented and conversion-optimized within digital marketing. Further responsibility included continuous optimization of customer experience, tools, reports, and processes.

NK’s digital team, together with Omniarch, has actively worked on development, leadership, and optimization in this important endeavor. The department store now offers its world class customer experience, 24/7.

Key Aspects:

  • Experience in Leading E-commerce Organizations:

    With extensive experience working within digitally mature organizations, we quickly identified the need for changes in certain workflows, communication, and responsibilities. NK's e-commerce organization thereby increased efficiency and gained a clearer customer focus within e-commerce.

  • Extensive Industry Knowledge:

    Detailed knowledge in PIM work and experience working with a Marketplace setup were instrumental in enhancing NK's multifaceted e-commerce solution.

  • Collaboration with Stakeholders:

    Focusing on the customer perspective and leveraging experiences from several partners with sales both online and in-store, we quickly identified adjustments to integrate the overall experience.

"Omniarch as a partner in our gradual rollout of NK's e-commerce has given us enormous confidence. Their deep expertise in various areas has helped us make better decisions more quickly."

Stéphane Kylenfelt Zoltak

Head of e-Commerce and Digital Development NK

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