Digital Renewal for SmartaSaker

SmartaSaker, which has experienced significant organic growth in recent years, approached Omniarch at the end of 2023 after realizing the necessity of ensuring the robustness and efficiency of its e-commerce operations for future expansion.

SmartaSaker x Omniarch
SmartaSaker x Omniarch

In line with this decision, Omniarch AB was engaged once again (the first Digital Assessment was done in 2020) to conduct a thorough review and deliver an action plan with concrete actions to strengthen SmartaSaker’s digital business.

“The great value for the customer is that a Digital Assessment provides a new perspective (an external one) on their digital business, where it’s easy to become blind to what you encounter every day. A DA opens the door to insights into where there is potential for optimization and growth in the business, where we assist the customer in making decisions about actions and priorities, and can directly demonstrate the expected uplift we see in the implementation,” says Sandra Hammarlund, lead in the project and senior e-commerce consultant at Omniarch.

With a clear division into categories relevant to SmartaSaker, we delivered suggestions and concrete actions in brand communication, audience optimization, assortment, UX, marketing, CRM, and the technical conditions, as well as crucial data analysis.

At the beginning of 2024, SmartaSaker now has a solid foundation from which to launch its continued optimization efforts and strive for both growth and improved profitability.

“We have seen a steady increase in our sales over several years and are very proud that this has been achieved without the need for external capital. Now that we have chosen to bring in more co-owners, it has been done with the fundamental idea of continuing to grow on a solid foundation, which is why we chose to engage Omniarch for a second time and take part in their Digital Assessment. Their DA gives us the bird’s-eye view that we cannot achieve ourselves. There is always value in having others’ eyes look at your business and suggest where growth potential is hidden,” concludes Ella Stemme, founder and CEO of SmartaSaker.

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