Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini x Omniarch
Mini Rodini x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    Strategy, goals, KPI framework, removing conversion barriers (CRO), scaling up performance marketing, active leadership as team lead for the e-commerce department and in collaboration with the marketing department, logistics, and customer service, introduction and procurement of CRM.

  • Our Role

    Acting E-commerce Manager.

In an increasingly competitive and digitized market, Mini Rodini needed to find ways to quickly revitalize and scale up its e-commerce.

Over a period of two years, we have been involved in driving a total transformation of the e-commerce segment. From being a marginal sales channel to the fastest-growing and most profitable part of the business. The result includes more than a doubling of turnover and profitability.

Key Aspects

  • Close collaboration:

    Through direct dialogue with both the operational team and decision-makers, improvement areas were identified that could be quickly implemented and followed up on.

  • Data-driven decisions:

    Conditions for data-driven decisions based on traffic data, marketing, and sales data were created through a new KPI framework and new reporting processes. This created faster growth through optimization based on gross margin.

  • Individual goals:

    Clear goals for each team member where each specialist reports on and draws conclusions from their key metrics, allowing new opportunities to be identified while other opportunities could be realized.

"We realized early on that the future growth lay in our own e-commerce, and in 2018 and 2019, we increased our investments in both technology and our way of working. Together with Omniarch, we have carried out a total transformation with fantastic growth and development. Omniarch's expertise in e-commerce growth has been crucial for us in our work to become a digitally driven brand. We are very satisfied, and we look forward to continued cooperation."

Håkan Ström

CEO, Mini Rodini

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