Omniarch CASE: Ellos / Zalando
Omniarch CASE: Ellos / Zalando

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    Marketplace Zalando.

  • Our Roles

    Marketplace Merchandiser, Marketing Planner.

Ellos sought comprehensive support to ensure sales profitability on Zalando and to facilitate the onboarding of a larger portion of their assortment across multiple markets over a six-month period.

Key Aspects

  • Future Profitability:

    We played an active role in further developing Ellos' collaboration with Zalando and securing future profitability.

  • Performance:

    Ongoing optimization of performance, branding, and marketing campaigns on Zalando.

  • Acceleration:

    Development and acceleration of an internal work model to expand the assortment available through Zalando, with the help of a tactical assortment plan to ensure time-to-market in order to have the right assortment available at the right time.

  • Enhancement:

    Creation of a brand home for seven markets on Zalando along with increased visibility aimed at strengthening brand loyalty, with associated tracking of relevant KPIs.

  • Availability:

    Worked with active merchandising and assortment control, pricing, and availability of articles distributed across different markets.

  • Management:

    Daily analysis enabling active merchandising and assortment control, pricing, and availability distributed across different markets.

  • Expansion:

    Played an active role in the expansion to additional markets during the assignment period and supported the development of a warehouse link in Sweden for the German market.

Ellos x Omniarch

"Omniarch has assisted us in quickly broadening our assortment, and above all, in offering a more relevant assortment in 8 of Zalando's markets. We have worked daily to capture and analyze insights and KPIs to maintain our goal of a profitable business. Omniarch's senior consultant has been an integral part in us going above and beyond within our first year on Zalando."

Alexandra Dornérus

Chief Business Development Officer, ELLOS GROUP

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