Sandqvist x Omniarch
Sandqvist x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    Digital Assessment, e-commerce growth, procurement and implementation of CRM and MA, procurement of performance marketing agency, KPI framework, Marketplace Assessment.

  • Our Roles

    Business Development, E-commerce Manager, Marketplace Lead.

The initial phase of the assignment involved conducting a comprehensive Digital Assessment to identify potential growth areas for Sandqvist’s e-commerce business and undertaking an interim role as e-commerce manager. Leveraging the insights gained from the Digital Assessment, we have continued to drive several growth initiatives, including website enhancements, CRM improvements, and working with marketplaces.

Key Aspects

  • Revised KPI Framework:

    Introduction of attribution-free indicators such as Gross Margin 3 and Customer Acquisition Cost broken down at the market level.

  • Data-Driven Optimization:

    Review and scaling of performance marketing based on insights from the new indicators.

  • UX Improvements Based on Digital Analysis:

    Digital analysis revealed potential for strengthening UX, and efforts were made to implement specific improvements.

  • Data-Driven Workflow:

    Establishment of conditions for making data-driven decisions regarding traffic, marketing, and conversion optimization through reliable and more easily accessible data.

"We chose Omniarch because they have demonstrated the ability to combine the strategic with the operational. Omniarch talks the talk and walks the walk. Therefore, we at Sandqvist feel confident and ready to meet the increased demand we see for well-designed lifestyle products."

Caroline Lind

CEO Sandqvist

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