Happy Homes

Happy Homes x Omniarch
Happy Homes x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    E-commerce platform, project management, logistics, and digital marketing.

  • Our Roles

    Provider of preliminary study followed by e-commerce manager focusing on building a new e-commerce platform.

We have played both an operational and strategic role in driving Happy Homes' digital development and growth. Our work included conducting an initial study of Happy Homes' current digital position, encompassing their platform, digital marketing, and logistics/merchandise planning.

Key Aspects:

  • Digital Growth Journey:

    A significant untapped digital potential transformed into a robust digital growth journey through a technical foundation in a scalable platform.

  • Processes and Digital First Mindset:

    Implementation of processes and a digital mindset within the organization in an industry where digital maturity is rapidly growing.

  • Sales:

    Establishing the foundation for successful sales by analyzing and optimizing customer journeys (conversion) and visitors (marketing mix).

Magnus Ohlsson

"The demand for expanded e-commerce, with a wider range available for e-orders to both consumers and craftsmen, means that we see great opportunities for digital growth. Omniarch's expertise and strong team provide what we need to strengthen the feeling of home and become more accessible to all our e-commerce target groups."

Magnus Ohlsson

CEO Happy Homes

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