Babyworld x Omniarch
Babyworld x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    Project management, agency and client support, KPI structure, Paid Social, budgeting, organization, CRM.

  • Our Roles

    Advisor, Project Lead.

We were tasked with making sure tracking and measurement was being done correctly and identifying key KPIs. We worked on requirements gathering, coordination, and project management during an ongoing platform migration project.

Key Deliverables summarized:

  • Procurement of a digital marketing agency.
  • Development of a KPI framework for optimizing marketing mix and campaigns, along with requirement gathering, coordination, and project management during an ongoing platform migration project.
  • Definition, execution, and monitoring of acceptance criteria for UAT, as well as conducting end-to-end integration testing.

Thanks to our work, BabyWorld saw a decrease in development and integration costs, while quality issues in integrations, functionality, and design were reduced.

Key Aspects:

  • Focus on KPIs:

    We implemented indicators such as Customer Acquisition Cost and Gross Margin 3, broken down by product group and traffic channel, to ensure tracking and measurement quality.

  • Documented Savings:

    Thorough requirements gathering and meticulous quality control with external agencies led to reduced development and integration costs.

  • Increased Quality through Testing:

    The development of an end-to-end testing schedule led to a reduction in quality issues in integrations, functionality, and design.

  • Swift Decision-Making:

    Direct collaboration with the CEO and management allowed us to quickly move from proposals to decisions and implementation.

  • Openness to Change:

    Babyworld's organizational willingness to change enabled us to deliver clear recommendations without being constrained by old truths.

  • Collaboration:

    Close collaboration among all stakeholders (agencies, suppliers, and experts) facilitated processes adjacent to the migration project, contributing to cost and time savings through clearer responsibility distribution and delivery accountability.

"Our goal is to become the market leader in baby retail in Sweden. We prioritize the customer experience in the physical realm and, with Omniarch's expertise, we will further enhance our already exceptional customer experience in digital channels."

Dennis Söderqvist

CEO BabyWorld

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