Hemköp app 2023 Case
Hemköp app 2023 Case

Our Mission

  • Focus Area

    The project aimed to transform Hemköp's mobile app into an experience that aligned more closely with customer expectations of experiencing an app, rather than another version of the web experience, where web views were migrated to ReactNative. The goal was to improve the user experience through a new interface, thereby promoting more efficient online purchases. This was achieved by focusing on simplified navigation and clearer paths to information based on project input about what customers had requested.

  • Our Roles

    Agile Product Owner, User Experience Designer, Web/Ecom Analyst, Web Editor.

In early 2023, Omniarch was tasked by Hemköp to enhance the user experience and functionality of their mobile application.

Our mission included supporting Hemköp’s development team with expertise, best-practice, and know-how in user experience (UX), taking product ownership of the new app, and implementing agile work processes.

The project is considered a success, and within Hemköp, it is now used as a benchmark, with lessons learned from it. The project has demonstrated significant improvements in user experience and functionality, contributing to an overall success.

Key Aspects

  • Storymapping throughout the project:

    The use of storymapping provided a shared and clear vision of the project, facilitating communication and collaboration.

  • Tight collaboration between teams:

    Close cooperation among Product Owners, UX Designers, Developers, and Analysts enabled quick feedback and smooth communication.

  • Demo model for rapid feedback:

    Regular sprints contributed to swift and continuous feedback, aiding in the adjustment and improvement of the project's direction.

  • MVP focus and iterative development:

    The project started by creating a basic buyflow and was then gradually expanded through iterations, helping to quickly deliver value and functionality.

Hemköp's app is a central part of our strategy to provide our customers with the best possible purchasing experience. Through the app, our customers can shop online smoothly and easily navigate through our range. We are pleased with the decision to bring in Omniarch to make this purchasing experience even better. Their expertise in digital business development has not only helped us improve the app's functionality and user experience but has also acted as a catalyst for the project's success. We are impressed by how they have led the project with a clear customer focus, and their ability to understand our needs has truly made a difference. The app is now ready to meet more of our customers' wishes, and we are grateful for Omniarch's efforts that have made this possible.

Fabiola Wikström

Head of E-commerce, Hemköp



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