Casall Sport

Casall Sport
Casall Sport

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    E-commerce, requirements specification, traffic acquisition.

  • Our Roles

    Digital strategist, responsible for business development.

We entered into a collaboration with Casall to assist them in laying the groundwork for the next generation of their e-commerce platform. Casall had a solid foundation as a brand, and the goal throughout the project has been to strengthen the entire infrastructure and strategy to ensure that the digital business can account for a significant portion of Casall's sales volumes.

To achieve this, we have contributed:

  • In-depth insight work across all areas, from customer acquisition to CRO and customer base.
  • Strategic e-commerce development with both a commercial focus and an infrastructural one.
  • Requirements specification and procurement of an agency for performance marketing as well as an implementation partner for Litium.
  • In connection with performance marketing, we reviewed the allocation of spending and reallocated to achieve higher returns with the same budget. We did this through careful analysis and testing to ensure results.
  • Project planning and site migration from one implementation partner to another.
  • Project planning for version upgrades and restructuring of infrastructure on Litium along with surrounding systems, together with Casall and the chosen Litium partner.

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