MQ Marqet

Omniarch x MQ Marqet
Omniarch x MQ Marqet

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    E-commerce, UX, digital analytics, digital marketing, CRM, merchandising, reporting.

  • Our Roles

    E-commerce Manager, Web Editor, Digital Marketing Manager, CRM Manager, Email Marketing Manager, Digital Visual Merchandiser, Product Owner, Digital AD, Analytical Manager, Marketplace Manager.

We have been collaborating with MQ since the end of 2020 and continue to operate their in-house e-commerce department.

Our partnership entails working closely with a dedicated team from other agencies and specialists, as well as with MQ’s management. We are united by a common goal to strengthen their digital presence and support MQ Marqet on their digital growth journey. This involves taking a leading role and overall responsibility for the e-commerce department, covering both operational and strategic aspects.

Key Aspects

  • Agility:

    Decreased lead time for development, testing, and implementation of improvement measures.

  • Processes and Structure:

    Establishment of processes and methodologies to streamline operations and align departmental goals within the company.

  • Improved Requirements Definition:

    Improved clarity in requirements and follow-up with external partners, particularly regarding development and digital marketing.

  • Data-Driven Decisions:

    Creation of conditions for making data-driven decisions regarding traffic, marketing, conversion optimization, and more.

  • Performance Marketing:

    A comprehensive overhaul and scaling of performance marketing and marketing mix to become more agile and better suited to today's digital landscape.

  • Website Optimization:

    Continuous conversion optimization through measurement, A/B testing, and implementation of actions.

  • Measurement and Follow-Up:

    Clearer and simpler tracking of key metrics through an improved KPI report.

MQ Marqet x Omniarch: Winner of the Zalando Marketing Awards 2023

At Omniarch, we are incredibly proud that MQ Marqet AB entrusted us in May 2022 to join forces and elevate their Zalando business to new heights, with paid advertising and marketing (ZMS) being a key part of this effort.

A year later, the Omniarch Marketplace team traveled to Berlin with MQ Marqet to receive the award in the Self-Service category at the ZMS Awards 2023 for their brand STOCKH LM.

Ingvar Larsson, vd, MQ MARQET AB

"With Omniarch's team, we have seen the potential of our digital business realized, though much work remains. We view the continued collaboration as a natural progression of an already excellent relationship. Omniarch brings not only expert competence but also the flexibility we need. Through the expanded collaboration, we will be able to adapt our team more quickly in the areas of our e-commerce that yield the best results at any given time."

Ingvar Larsson


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