Cellbes x Omniarch
Cellbes x Omniarch

Our Misson

  • Focus Areas

    Migration to a new e-commerce platform, E-commerce organization, Marketing automation, CRM, Development of new channels including marketplace, Content optimization, Procurement of DAM, KPI framework and data validation.

  • Our Roles

    Growth Manager, Retention Manager, Digital Content Coordinator, Project Lead, Quality Assurance Lead, Analytics Lead, Marketplace Lead.

Omniarch has significantly contributed to transforming Cellbes from a mail-order company to a pure e-commerce business. Together with Cellbes' new commercial unit, we established clearer roles within the organization and set up new work processes to streamline and clarify collaborations both internally and externally.

Our assignment also included project management and coordination of data analysis and tracking development to enable data-driven decisions in strategic and operational matters. We also had comprehensive responsibility for project management and quality assurance of the launch of a new e-commerce platform across all nine of Cellbes’ markets. Our project management ensured a seamless launch, creating favorable conditions for continued global expansion.

Key Aspects

  • Launch of New E-commerce Platform:

    The new platform provided Cellbes with enhanced capabilities to run an efficient e-commerce operation. It enabled a better customer experience, faster content updates, and campaign publications.

  • User Experience Optimization:

    Ongoing conversion optimization through analysis, A/B testing, and implementation of improvement measures.

  • Improved Processes and Frameworks:

    Establishment of new processes and frameworks to streamline operations internally and externally.

  • Data-Driven Decisions:

    Development of KPI reports for e-commerce with a focus on actions/results. Introduction of an A/B testing process to make data-driven decisions regarding conversion optimization. New reports were developed for traffic optimization, campaign, and market mix with a focus on new customer acquisition, customer acquisition cost, gross margin after variable costs (GM3), and customer lifetime value (CLV).

  • Organizational Development:

    Clarified roles, improved collaboration between departments and markets, and strengthened expert roles made responsibilities/mandates more visible, allowing employees to take greater ownership.

Kristina Hermansson, Marknadschef Cellbes

"We are proud of our mail-order heritage and, together with Omniarch, took bold steps in our transformation journey to become an e-commerce company. We have also challenged old truths and realized many of our visions to remain a favorite in the wardrobes of many women and men, both in Sweden and across our European markets."

Kristina Hermansson

CMO Cellbes

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