TOBE Outerwear

TOBE Outerwear x Omniarch
TOBE Outerwear x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    Sales, strategy, procurement, inventory management, marketing, e-commerce platform, CMS, return management, data management, customer engagement, OpenAI, PIM.

  • Our Roles

    E-commerce Manager, Tech Lead, CRM Manager, Business Analyst.

We came onboard during a transformative period, taking a holistic approach to the digital business. Our responsibilities included acting as product owners for the website, organizing the launch of new collections, serving as super users in the e-commerce system (including payment solutions), and supporting supplier relationships.

The partnership between TOBE Outerwear and Omniarch extends from 2022 through 2024 and beyond.

Omniarch’s Digital Assessment was conducted twice: initially to establish a baseline and later to reassess the new status quo, equipping us for ongoing collaboration. The second assessment covered assortment, overall distribution, commercial planning, and opened opportunities for social proof and marketing automation initiatives.

Throughout 2023 and into early 2024, our partnership with TOBE has remained focused on a comprehensive approach to the digital business. Omniarch’s sister company, Beet, has fully taken over performance marketing, marketing automation, social media, SEO, and SEM.

🚀 Increased annual revenue by 51%.
🚀 Conversion rate up by 155%.
🚀 Cost of Sales down by 49%.

How Omniarch Guided TOBE Outerwear’s Strategic Overhaul

January 30, 2024 - In late 2022, continuing into 2024, Omniarch was tasked to enhance TOBE's digital outreach to new and existing customers.

“We often talk about customer journeys where we try our best to pinpoint where a customer is and what they need, utilizing various digital tools to accomplish that. TOBE on the other hand, they are right there alongside their customers on the trails and in the wild, riding snowmobiles together sharing knowledge that boost the design of future collections. Not many companies that we know of do that.”
– Johannes Wikström, senior e-commerce consultant, Omniarch.

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Tomas Berntsson - Founder & Brand Director på TOBE Outerwear

"For us, the collaboration with Omniarch has, for example, meant that we have gained access to an organization and a network of competent individuals that we have been able to utilize flexibly, depending on the season and the stage of various projects we have been in."

Tomas Berntsson

Founder & Brand Director på TOBE Outerwear

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