How Omniarch Guided TOBE Outerwear’s Strategic Overhaul

TOBE Outerwear has been a key player in snowmobile clothing for decades, with a strong presence in North America and Canada. In late 2022, continuing into 2024, Omniarch was tasked to enhance TOBE's digital outreach to new and existing customers.

How Omniarch Guided TOBE Outerwear's Strategic Overhaul
How Omniarch Guided TOBE Outerwear's Strategic Overhaul

Omniarch’s strategy blended strategic planning with execution, focusing on digitalizing TOBE’s customer experience while maintaining retailer relationships. This included working with webshop improvements to make it easier to learn about the products as well as catering to the needs of a better organic reach with the help of SEO.

TOBE stands out for its deep understanding of customer needs, derived from founder Tomas Berntsson’s decades of experience and customer insights from various events:

We often talk about customer journeys where we try our best to pinpoint where a customer is and what they need, utilizing various digital tools to accomplish that. TOBE on the other hand, they are right there alongside their customers on the trails and in the wild, riding snowmobiles together sharing knowledge that boost the design of future collections. Not many companies that we know of do that.
– Johannes Wikström, senior e-commerce consultant, Omniarch.

🚀 Increased annual revenue by 51%.
🚀 Conversion rate up by 155%.
🚀 Cost of Sales down by 49%.

🏆 Launched a mobile-friendly, unisex-focused website with improved navigation and SEO initiatives, in partnership with Beet.
📡 Targeted the French-speaking market in Eastern Canada.
⚙️ Implemented a wide-reaching commercial strategy and CRM improvements.
🪡 Integrated Easycom for simpler returns and Hello Retail for enhanced engagement and onsite search.
🎓 Utilized customer data analysis to boost marketing efficiency.

Ready to revolutionize your digital strategy? Seeking expert guidance to craft a customer-centric e-commerce experience? Explore how Omniarch can elevate your brand’s journey. Connect with us at letstalk@omniarch.se (write in English or Swedish).

Navigating the Trails of Digital Growth
Navigating the Trails of Digital Growth

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