Marketplace Assessment

A great opportunity and starting point for brands and resellers to identify strengths, improvement areas, and suggested actions to reach their desired future state on marketplaces.

Health Check & Market Scan

Individual assessment of what aspects a brand or retailer need to take into account when/if entering marketplaces. As well as a market scan to get an overview of their current market position.

Success Factors

A tool to identify success factors and improvement areas within the organization and way-of-working to reach the desired state when selling on marketplaces. Use as basis for goal setting of the desired future state.

Goal Setting

Setting up realistic and achievable goals based on the improvement areas identified thru the Success Factors tool.

GAP Analysis

Identify the “gap” between the current and future state, in actions. GAP = “what is missing?”

Effect Effort

Helps optimize time and resources by mapping out what actions to focus on, how to prioritize, as well as which ones to ignore, to reach the future state identified in the GAP analysis.

Time plan incl. Actions

Together with the brand or retailer, setting up suggested actions as well as a realistic and achievable time plan. Documentation provided along the way.

MA Delivery

Marketplace Assessment delivery meeting, going thru the most important findings and actions moving forward.

Perspektiv på Marketplaces:


Amazon is cutting off distributors as vendors by sourcing brands directly from brand owners. What does this really mean?

Oh and by the way, selling on Amazon doesn't need to be that complicated..

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Zalando: En sund tillgänglighetsgrad främjar betalda och organiska placeringars synlighet

Zalandos kundbas är väldigt diversifierad, vilket innebär att ditt sorti..

2 min läsning

Så undviker du fulakorven – Content är A och O på marknadsplatser.

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