Cervera x Omniarch
Cervera x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    E-commerce, UX, digital marketing, requirements specification, project management.

  • Our Roles

    E-commerce/Digital Developer, Digital Marketing Manager.

We held an operational role in which we drove Cervera's digital development and growth.

Our work included responsibilities such as digital marketing management, digital business development, and project management.

Key Aspects

  • Enhanced Customer Experience:

    Analysis and development of their e-commerce platform for an improved customer experience.

  • A Digital Growth Journey:

    Made necessary adjustments in the marketing mix to significantly increase visitors and sales.

  • Streamlining Development Team Efficiency:

    Established clear workflows and routines to streamline the pace of e-commerce development. This enabled us to scale up and deploy projects more rapidly at a lower cost.

"Omniarch has been a significant contributor to Cervera's digital development and growth in recent years. Strong drive, high competence, and a positive attitude are qualities that I value and that Omniarch has provided in a high standard."

Johan Junehed

CEO Cervera

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