Petites Mains Creative Fashion

Petites Mains Creative Fashion x Omniarch
Petites Mains Creative Fashion x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    E-commerce, digital marketing, business development, website development.

  • Our Roles

    E-commerce/Digital Lead.

Our mission - in collaboration with the founders - has been in a leading role in Petites' e-commerce establishment and development. Our work ranged from overarching business development to hands-on operational efforts in the daily tasks of marketing and evaluation.

Key Aspects

  • Development of a new E-commerce platform:

    Quick transition from international focus to national focus in connection with the coronavirus crisis.

  • Business development:

    Support and driving force in business development in terms of cost control and strategic advice.

  • Follow-up and reporting:

    Analysis and evaluation of existing milestones.

"Turning to Omniarch, and thus gaining access to several senior consultants, has been one of our best decisions. With their expertise and flexibility, they have effectively driven vital parts of the process."

Martina Bonnier

Founder, Petites Mains

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