The Tea Centre of Stockholm

The Tea Centre of Stockholm x Omniarch
The Tea Centre of Stockholm x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    E-commerce. CRO. Requirements Gathering. Digital Marketing.

  • Our Roles

    Operationally and strategically responsible for e-commerce.

We collaborated with The Tea Centre and developers to lead and plan onsite development and digital platform enhancements. This encompassed conversion rate optimization, UX mock-ups, logistics, payment solutions, and the strategic planning and optimization of content and copy.

Key Aspects

  • Digital Marketing:

    Scaling up and developing the owned social channels. Action plan for activation of digital marketing.

  • Requirements gathering:

    Requirements gathering towards production agencies and developers. Development and streamlining of workflow processes.

  • Content and copy:

    Establishment of a content plan to harness the opportunity to run campaigns onsite and in owned channels.

  • Design, Branding, and UX:

    Development of brand profiling in the form of a new graphic profile and digitally adapted logo. Graphic development of the site and user experience with UX design.

"As a customer, we appreciate the flexibility of Omniarch and the opportunity to tap into all the internal expertise available within the company. Depending on where we have been in our e-commerce journey, Omniarch has been able to adapt its consultants continuously to our needs."

Gihan Mauris

Managing Director, E.W.C Scandinavia AB

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