StudioNord x Omniarch
StudioNord x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    Traffic development (procurement of a new agency and specification of requirements), website optimization, sales/profitability.

  • Our Roles

    E-commerce manager. Advisor. Analyst.

We enhanced StudioNord's e-commerce by acquiring traffic through a new agency, optimizing purchase flows, and creating a clear KPI report for data-driven decisions. We also supported the overall online store strategy and its ongoing development.

An important part of the job was to early on produce a clear KPI report so that we navigated based on the right type of data points and could quickly make business decisions based on accurate data. During the period, we also supported the overall strategy for the online store and how we can work on its further development.

Key Aspects

  • Needs Analysis Ensured Development:

    By structuring and procuring an agency that met StudioNord's needs, we effectively increased site visitors and boosted sales.

  • KPI Report Paved the Way:

    Access to relevant, daily updated KPIs allowed us to make well-informed business decisions.

October, 2023: StudioNord partners with Omniarch for strategic and operational e-commerce enhancement

In the fall of 2023, StudioNord, specialists in premium bathroom furnishings, identified the need to strengthen their organization with a senior e-commerce manager. This was to continue implementing several measures previously highlighted by Omniarch's Digital Assessment, leading to Omniarch being re-engaged.

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