StudioNord partners with Omniarch for strategic and operational e-commerce enhancement

Through the collaboration, StudioNord gains access to a strategically and operationally experienced resource as well as access to best-practice models, which can be crucial for achieving continued profitable growth.

StudioNord x Omniarch
StudioNord x Omniarch

In the fall of 2023, StudioNord, specialists in premium bathroom furnishings, identified the need to strengthen their organization with a senior e-commerce manager. This was to continue implementing several measures previously highlighted by Omniarch’s Digital Assessment, leading to Omniarch being re-engaged.

We operate in a competitive industry, and it is important for us to package our offering correctly, especially since bathroom furnishings are infrequent purchases with long buying cycles. This requires us to remain strategically sharp and ensure we have the operational competence to execute the work. We’ve previously seen the flexibility that comes with bringing in the expertise that Omniarch offers,” says Roderick Skinner, responsible for StudioNord, about their decision to bring Omniarch back.

The Omniarch x StudioNord collaboration began in 2021-2022 with a Digital Assessment, providing StudioNord with a thorough review of their digital business, complete with a list of actionable items to optimize their e-commerce both strategically and operationally. Pauline Mämpel, senior e-commerce consultant at Omniarch, shares her experience working with StudioNord:

It is, of course, very gratifying that we have been entrusted to continue with the work that StudioNord has already started, partly based on what our DA previously showed potential for. My role today as an interim e-commerce manager is both strategic and operational, working broadly just like employees in a smaller company. Our current focus is to intensify the emphasis on the customer offering and SEO in the short and long term. We are also adjusting triggers for advertising and Marketing Automation, as StudioNord’s customers have longer buying cycles compared to, for example, FMCG industries. Our work continues where StudioNord has already developed its process thinking, collaborating with the marketing department to optimize e-commerce and drive profitable digital growth.

Through this collaboration, StudioNord gains access to a resource proficient in both strategic and operational aspects, while indirectly accessing best-practice models that can be crucial for achieving continued profitable growth.

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