Röhnisch x Omniarch
Röhnisch x Omniarch

Our Mission

  • Focus Areas

    E-com, UX, Digital Analys, Digital Marketing, CRM, Merchandising.

  • Our Roles

    E-commerce manager.

We collaborated closely with the E-commerce and Marketing Director and the marketing team to make strategic and operational decisions aimed at driving sales and advancing on-site development according to set KPIs.

In this role, we held overarching responsibility for in-depth reporting, site analysis, backlog prioritization, identifying new development points, preparing and starting A/B tests, and further developing a data-driven approach. We analyzed traffic and data and continuously worked on user behavior/experience (UX) to take actions and improve the customer experience.

Key Aspects

  • Improved Requirements Gathering:

    Enhancing existing channels by gathering requirements, collaborating with external partners, and reviewing and refining current KPI goal-setting.

  • Optimizing Onsite User Experience:

    Evaluating and analyzing the current site to plan and conduct tests for continuous user experience improvement.

  • Merchandising:

    Managing and reporting on onsite merchandising, inventory levels, margins, and top-selling products.

"Together with Omniarch, we at Röhnisch have improved the onsite customer journey through analysis and action, as well as support in requirements gathering with agencies. They have clearly documented their work, which has facilitated follow-up. With Omniarch's expertise and humility, it has truly felt like they have been part of our team."

Emma Stjernlöf

CEO Röhnisch Sportswear AB

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