Omniarch supports Home of ESS with interim e-commerce manager

Home of ESS, a rapidly growing business division of the ESS hotel group, has been supported by Omniarch since the fall of 2022 in strengthening the organization within e-commerce, resulting in increased sales and improved profitability.

Home of ESS x Omniarch
Home of ESS x Omniarch

“In Omniarch’s interim solution, we have gained both knowledge and new perspectives on how to optimize our e-commerce business, the channel through which we offer our products. By engaging Omniarch, we have been able to obtain the flexibility along with the high level of expertise required to establish a new and unique concept, where our connection to the ESS Group and its destinations runs as a red thread through our product mix,” says Annika Hildingsson Gill, CEO of Home of ESS.

Home of ESS is a unique go-to digital store where the assortment is a direct reflection of what guests at any of the ESS Group’s hotels can experience at destinations such as Jacy’s Hotel & Resort, Steam Hotel, Ellery Beach House, and more.

Erik Jonsson, senior e-commerce consultant at Omniarch and interim e-commerce manager at Home of ESS, describes the assignment:

“The focus during the fall and winter of 2022/2023 has been on growing our own e-commerce and turning over every stone to find ways to increase sales and improve margins. When we look at the year-to-year data, we see a very good result for sales, which has more than doubled, achieving this in a market characterized by decreasing sales is quite an achievement. Home of ESS is simply withstanding the trend, and that is, of course, very gratifying!”

Home of ESS, during their growth journey, has chosen to utilize Omniarch’s interim offering, where a handpicked e-commerce consultant works closely with employees in the organization, defines and concretizes initiatives, and meets the needs of the business wherever they arise.

Annika Hildingsson Gill, vd på Home of ESS
Annika Hildingsson Gill, CEO Home of ESS.

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