Carla is accepted into the Omniarch Growth Program 2023

In tough competition between numerous interesting companies, it is now clear that Carla AB is the company accepted into the Omniarch Growth Program. Carla buys and sells used electric cars with the ambition to create the world's best customer experience when it comes to buying, selling, and owning an electric car.

Carla x Omniarch
Carla x Omniarch

“We are incredibly happy, excited, and proud that Omniarch chose to accept us into their growth program, so that with their expertise, we can truly sharpen our offering even further and build a world-class e-commerce platform,” says Marika Baltscheffsky, Marketing Manager at Carla.

Omniarch’s work begins on August 21st with a Digital Assessment that thoroughly analyzes the website, customer activation and organization based on a well-proven framework. The work results in a report that is then prioritized, allowing for informed decisions on the next steps. The goal is, of course, to create the best possible conditions for Carla to grow and improve their key performance indicators.

“It’s great that Carla applied, and we now have the opportunity to support Carla through the Omniarch Program in developing their customer journey. We are convinced that we can provide valuable assistance, and it will be exciting to provide our followers and stakeholders with insights along the way during the program,” says Jojje Borssén, Senior Consultant at Omniarch and responsible for the Omniarch Growth Program.

Carla aims to build Europe’s best customer experience for buying and selling electric cars online. The company was founded in 2021 and currently has around 100 employees and a turnover of approximately 600 million SEK.

Omniarch – the future’s digital growth agency – is the bridge between strategy and operations. We work with optimization throughout the customer journey, from traffic acquisition to CRM. In the spring of 2023, Omniarch launched the Omniarch Growth Program, a unique opportunity for e-commerce companies where a Swedish company receives consultancy support worth at least 1 million SEK.

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