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Tailored On-Demand Training

Launch or Strengthen Your E-Commerce

Are you seeking inspiration or validation that your e-commerce strategies are effective? Or perhaps you need insights and motivation to embark on your e-commerce journey?

Omniarch, one of Sweden’s premier growth agencies for e-commerce, offers highly experienced lecturers and workshop leaders. Utilizing our robust frameworks and processes, we have developed two comprehensive workshops designed to inspire, provide fresh insights, and address both internal and external challenges. The objective of these workshops is to enhance your knowledge and improve your decision-making capabilities regarding e-commerce.

We are available to meet in person at your location or another venue to provide a thorough overview of e-commerce or to delve deeply into specific areas as needed.

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Workshops for You:

Our workshop, “Launch or Strengthen Your E-Commerce,” is tailored for professionals involved in e-commerce or those starting their e-commerce journey. You are likely in a leadership role or a driving force behind your current e-commerce operations. Choose between our two concepts (or book both):

Launch E-Commerce (2-3 hours, including refreshments/lunch)
The Launch workshop is ideal for those who want to grasp the fundamentals or have recently initiated their e-commerce activities. We explore the opportunities e-commerce offers as part of your business, its various components, strategic choices of sales channels, payment solutions, and logistics.

Strengthen E-Commerce (2-3 hours, including refreshments/lunch)
The Strengthen workshop is designed for those looking to enhance an existing e-commerce business. Here, we engage in in-depth discussions and address various issues and challenges collaboratively. The workshop comprises six distinct blocks with corresponding exercises and discussions.


Participant Feedback:

  • “Inspiring! Excellent blend of theory, practice, and discussion.”
  • “Incredibly valuable information to further boost the company/e-commerce.”
  • “The most valuable part was the detailed site analysis points.”
  • “Informative, comprehensive, and content-rich day!”

Our E-Commerce Workshops Cover:

  • E-commerce as a sales channel
  • Traffic generation
  • Sales strategies
  • Organizational structure
  • Operational processes
  • Data analytics

Benefits of Attending:

Strategic models for customer acquisition
Tools to facilitate customer conversion
Relevant KPIs for performance tracking
Frameworks for operational guidance
Practical examples from real-life cases

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