Zalando: Next Step in Cellbes’ Expansion

During 2021, Cellbes embarked on a transformation journey from decades of mail order to modern e-commerce, now expanding to several new target groups across Europe through a new collaboration with Zalando. Concurrently, Cellbes is complementing their e-commerce channel with a dedicated site for Germany.

Cellbes x Omniarch
Cellbes x Omniarch

“We are highly aware that future customers demand our presence wherever they choose to shop. We have previously laid the groundwork for continued expansion, for instance by expanding our warehouse with Autostore, which becomes particularly important as we now expand into new channels and markets.” Charlotte Nordén, CEO Cellbes AB.

Marketplaces & Expansion, the new business branch at Omniarch, is led by Emelie Wallin, working together with Cellbes’ team to ensure processes and operations necessary to achieve the goals with Zalando.

“Cellbes is a company with a broad presence in Europe, now expanding to more markets through Zalando as a marketplace, where Omniarch contributes with best practices and way-of-working, thus further strengthening the organization’s expertise.” Emelie Wallin, Senior Marketplace & Expansion Manager, Omniarch AB.

The expansion that Cellbes is undertaking in the summer of 2022 focuses on Zalando and, two crucial pieces that significantly increase the reach in a large market at the heart of Europe.

“Like many other e-commerce players, we are influenced by the current global situation, but we also see that the need for comfortable, functional, and sustainable garments continues to be true for wardrobes across Europe. We have a strong offering with our size range, offering sizes 34-64 throughout the Cellbes collection, and we see that we have a unique position in many markets. Alongside the investments already made in logistics, we ensure continued growth with our internal strategies and processes.”
– Charlotte Nordén, CEO Cellbes AB.

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