Digital Assessment Guides Dormy’s Path in Germany

Omniarch collaborates with golf specialist Dormy to strengthen their offerings and optimize their digital sales channels in Europe's largest market.

Dormy x Omniarch
Dormy x Omniarch

The Swedish golf specialist Dormy has selected Omniarch to conduct an extensive Digital Assessment to identify ways to enhance Dormy’s position in the German market. The review of Dormy’s e-commerce operations in Germany is being reinforced by Alenka Fey, Marketplace & Expansion Consultant at Omniarch, who, besides from having grown up in Germany, has worked extensively in German e-commerce. Her unique experience complements Omniarch’s framework with insights into German consumer behavior and the e-commerce landscape.

“It’s true, I grew up in Germany and worked at all levels in a competitive industry before moving to Sweden and subsequently becoming part of Omniarch. My background, combined with Omniarch’s expertise and multi-competent team, allows us to incorporate the German perspective from the outset of the analysis and to understand the customer journey in Dormy’s digital channels,” says Alenka Fey.

Dormy, which has evolved from a fifty-square-meter store in central Örebro to a dozen stores and 800 million SEK in revenue in 2022, has a significant portion of its sales through e-commerce.

“We’ve just begun establishing ourselves in the German market and now want to take it to the next level. Bringing in an external partner who can provide us with new insights and experiences from the local market, we believe, will give us the inspiration and tools we need to succeed,” says Anders Wall, CEO of Dormy AB.

The collaboration between Omniarch and Dormy is also based on a shared vision of what is important to emphasize to customers and employees. Omniarch, like Dormy, is passionate about sharing cutting-edge knowledge and constantly striving to become better and more relevant in the eyes of customers.

If you’re considering expanding to Germany or other countries and need support in both decision-making and implementation, please email Emelie Lunde, Business Lead for Marketplace & Expansion at Omniarch:

Anders Wall, CEO Dormy AB.
Anders Wall, CEO Dormy AB.

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