Tanrevel® x Omniarch: Mesmerizing results

Tanrevel® is redefining the self-tanning experience and Omniarch was during 2023, continuing into 2024, invited to tag along. We worked closely with Tanrevel®’s e-commerce leadership and team, yielding impressive results.


High octane key results:

  • Catalyzed a staggering 332% surge in Gross Margin 3.
  • Efficiently streamlined operations, resulting in a significant 24% reduction in sales-related expenses (COS).
  • We expanded Tanrevel®’s first-party data repository, witnessing a robust 53% growth in subscriber base
  • We elevated Tanrevel®’s digital presence, propelling key search terms from obscurity to the top 3 in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), markedly boosting visibility.

Cristoffer Winter, project lead, assigned e-commerce manager and responsible for the D2C part of Tanrevel®’s digital business:

– After Tanrevel®s successful growth journey, we quickly identified significant potential for more efficient and profitable operations early in the project. We established clear KPIs throughout the business, and by daily measuring and monitoring profitability at the GP3 level, we swiftly observed improved margins and outcomes.

The partnership between Tanrevel® and Omniarch kicked off in 2023. We shared in a press release how we both saw a big opportunity:

This collaboration aims to create a lean organization that caters to the evolving customer buying needs while maintaining a positive gross margin through efficient ad spend.

Reflecting on our initial ambitions, it’s clear that both parties are motivated and optimistic about the future.

– Working with Omniarch’s experienced consultants has been amazing. They know how to ask the right questions and make sure we do what we decide. The numbers show we’re on the right track, and we’re looking forward to the rest of 2024 with confidence, says Andrea Marschall-Hurtig, CEO, Tanrevel AB.

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