Holdit continues to gain market share with strategic support from Omniarch

Omniarch's Digital Assessment, delivered to Holdit in fall 2021 paved the way for Holdit's strategic and operational optimization. As Holdit closes the second quarter, there has been an increase of approximately 100% via compared to the same period last year.

Holdit x Omniarch
Holdit x Omniarch

This Omniarch Effect was made possible through a combination of strategic decisions as well as the launch of internal development projects. These projects were initiated based on Omniarch’s digital assessment (DA), where the customer journey and activation was reviewed and assessed.

In addition to the substantial growth of approximately 100% during Q2 2022 (compared to Q2, 2021), has also increased the proportion of recycled materials in its products, launched new product categories, and initiated an expansion into Germany.

“It has been an intense spring in many ways, and the setup we have with Omniarch has proven to be extremely valuable. We have executed many projects and are now stronger than ever before, with an organization that matches our ambitions,” says Pontus Lindh, CEO of Holdit AB.

Omniarch’s Digital Assessment is a powerful and value-creating tool for e-commerce businesses and brands needing to address all aspects of the digital business.

A DA is concrete to the extent that the client (Holdit in this case) can choose to implement the improvements independently. Omniarch was in this case chosen as a strategic partner to ensure quality in implementation and the extensive change work that has taken place.

“With our DA as a starting point and through a dedicated, commercially focused business development forum based on the ‘SEE THINK DO CARE’ model, we have been able to ensure alignment of priorities and progress on both strategic and tactical initiatives. It is incredibly inspiring to be involved and to support Holdit on their growth journey and see the results of the projects we complete. We look forward to continued good cooperation,” says Hans Edlund, partner at Omniarch, in a statement.

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