Omniarch assists Cellbes of Sweden in growing on Zalando

Towards the end of 2022, Cellbes of Sweden began selling through Zalando, thus opening new doors to the European market. Together with Omniarch, they have tackled the challenges that such a launch entails, resulting in Cellbes of Sweden achieving high visibility on Zalando and increasing sales month by month.

Cellbes of Sweden x Omniarch
Cellbes of Sweden x Omniarch

For major players like Cellbes of Sweden, starting to sell on Zalando presents complex challenges. Existing flows must be adapted or recreated. Additionally, the marketplace resources need to acquire the necessary knowledge, and rules and recommendations must be followed.

Thanks to Omniarch’s structured planning, Cellbes of Sweden successfully adapted their organization and flows to the conditions required for the launch on Zalando:

“Our collaboration with Omniarch has been crucial for us to quickly achieve success on Zalando. Omniarch’s team has created efficiency in our processes and facilitated navigation in the rather complex reality that Zalando means. Thanks to Omniarch, Cellbes has achieved concrete results that have strengthened our offering across Europe,” says Viktor Brorsson, Sales & Marketing Controller, Cellbes.

Cellbes of Sweden’s journey on Zalando has been a mix of successes and challenges. By prioritizing the importance of Zalando’s customer experience model (CXM) and adapting marketing strategies, Cellbes of Sweden has succeeded in achieving high visibility on Zalando, with the positive effect of increasing sales month by month.

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