Omniarch assists Oscar Jacobson in rollout on Zalando

Marketplaces continue to attract Swedish brands as a stepping stone into Europe. Together with Oscar Jacobson, Omniarch's team has played a crucial role in the work over the past six months to launch the prestigious men's fashion brand on the Zalando marketplace.

Oscar Jacobson x Omniarch
Oscar Jacobson x Omniarch

Omniarch’s work related to the rollout of Oscar Jacobson’s men’s fashion on Zalando began with a mandate to create a roadmap, and execute the necessary work to go live on Zalando.

“Omniarch and Oscar Jacobson have been working together for over a year to identify, prioritize, and drive several initiatives for digital growth, including advancing the Zalando project. We chose Omniarch because their consultants have relevant high-level expertise in all aspects of the digital business, and through a flexible consulting model, they can adapt to our changing needs,” says Richard Woodbridge, CEO and Group CEO of Oscar Jacobson.

To ensure correct product information to Zalando, the integrator Ondrop was used, a support system that processes orders from Zalando in reverse before they reach Oscar Jacobson’s order and delivery system.

“Zalando offers significant opportunities for brands like Oscar Jacobson to grow their digital business. Omniarch has been collaborating with Oscar Jacobson for a long time, getting to know the assortment, which has facilitated the work of securing data via Ondrop and optimizing the setup to meet multiple KPIs. After thorough groundwork throughout the winter of 2022/2023, we are now eagerly looking forward to following Oscar Jacobson’s growth journey with full control of assortment and pricing on external marketplaces,” says Daniel Aronowitsch, CBDO at Omniarch.

Oscar Jacobson x Omniarch

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