Omniarch facilitated rapid digital transformation for Best of Brands and Johnells

When Jotunfjell Partners AS, owner of Best of Brands among others, acquired Johnells, a launch of Best of Brands on Johnells' existing setup on the Norce e-commerce platform was planned. To ensure a successful launch and continued digital growth, Omniarch was hired.

Best of Brands x Omniarch
Best of Brands x Omniarch

Best of Brands x Omniarch Omniarch quickly assembled a team with the right expertise to meet the various needs of the project.

We immediately took on overall commercial responsibility and identified the goals for Best of Brands, Yaytrade, and Johnells, and delegated responsibilities within the team. Thanks to close contacts with the management team at Best of Brands, we were able to remain agile and meet the set deadline for launch.

– Veronika Tynnerman, Project Lead.

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