Omniarch’s Digital Assessment guides SkiStar in their ambition to accelerate within digital sales channels

During the summer of 2022, SkiStar and Omniarch initiated a collaboration focusing on the business development of and their own brand EQPE. In a short time frame, a Digital Assessment (DA) was conducted, leading to a platform evaluation and subsequently, the implementation of a new e-commerce platform for EQPE, Improvements in the purchasing flow on were also implemented, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales.

SkiStar x Omniarch
SkiStar x Omniarch

The ski and mountain tourism company SkiStar aims to be the leading holiday provider for Scandinavia year-round. During winter, the focus is on skiing and related products. SkiStar also offers activities in the stunning mountain environment for those who wish to be active in nature during the summer. Through, customers can easily navigate and book accommodation, SkiPasses, purchase products, and book services needed for a complete mountain holiday.

In parallel with the work on, the strategy for Skistar’s own brand EQPE was refined as well. Here Omniarch could conclude that in order to achieve the set targets for growth, EQPE needed a clearer positioning on the market to stand out, as well as a platform for digital sales, with modern technology allowing for efficiency and personalization.

Skidåkning i Åre
Perfect skiing weather in Åre, January 2023.

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