TOBE Outerwear chooses Omniarch to expand their digital business

TOBE Outerwear and Omniarch are embarking on a journey together to highlight the combination of passion and craftsmanship.

TOBE Outerwear x Omniarch
TOBE Outerwear x Omniarch

TOBE Outerwear has chosen Omniarch to help them achieve digital growth. Over the past six months, Omniarch has had the privilege of supporting TOBE in their digital development, and in 2023, the scope of work to strengthen TOBE’s digital sales will increase.

TOBE Outerwear has for 20 years been on a journey to set their high standards and unique products on the sportswear map.The company is based in Jämtland, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing technical sportswear primarily in Europe and North America, with half of the organization located in Denver, Colorado.

The Omniarch x TOBE partnership is an ongoing collaboration that, in 2023, will evolve to ensure the successful facilitation of TOBE’s new e-commerce platform Centra for B2B and B2C. With several integrations in place (including SAP and Klaviyo), the e-commerce optimization will continue, aiming for long-term sustainable and profitable growth.

TOBE Outerwear is Jämtland all the way down to the snowshoes. The Swedish headquarters and warehouse are located in the middle of nowhere, about an hour’s drive northeast of Östersund: Turn right five kilometers before Hammerdal and follow the signs towards Solberg. After the sign “End of public road,” it’s the big red barn on the right-hand side.

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