Tools for Successful E-commerce

Tools for those who need support in their role as an e-commerce director or e-commerce manager. Here, we share tools that we have used and continue to use within Omniarch.

Omniarch GMn Calc

Elevate Your E-Commerce Profitability

Discover and scale profitable segments in your business. Setting up and following GM3 reports on a daily basis provides insight into your business performance and allows for quick action if the report indicates a need.

Omniarch’s Gross Margin 1+2+3 Calculator Simplified is a calculator designed for Excel, Google Sheets, and other platforms to give you a comprehensive overview of what drives profitability in your business.

Download the calculator

KPI Template for Heads of E-commerce:

  • Sales, Traffic, Channel & Marketing Reports: Comprehensive reports covering all key aspects of your e-commerce business.
  • Day-to-Day Updates of Figures for Business Decisions: Stay informed with daily updates to make timely and informed business decisions.
  • Simple KPI Template: Track the most important key performance indicators for e-commerce with ease.
  • Clear Charts for Quick Business Decisions: Easily interpretable charts to support swift business decisions.
  • Automation Capability for Daily Updates: Option to automate the report for daily updates.


Screenshot of Omniarch ROAS and POAS Calculator.

Free Public Tool for POAS+ROAS calculations

Download .zip (xlsx inside)

Note: The returned products carry value in themselves, which play an important role in return rate profitability calculations, but are intentionally left out in this template.

Row 10 – Fulfillment Cost: Include transactional fees to strengthen your calculation.

Row 26 – CRM Cost: The template can be used to give you an idea of a single transaction. If you want to use it for recurring transactions row 26 is for the CRM costs (reactivation etc).

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