Ethics-Driven Partnership: TRIWA and Omniarch Unite for Amazon Expansion, Driving Sales and Values

Omniarch, a leading growth agency in the Nordics, today announces its partnership with TRIWA, an esteemed ethical watch and accessories brand renowned for its commitment to sustainability. The strategic partnership aims to support TRIWA's objective to expand its sales channels, geographic reach, and product offering while driving positive change in the industry.

Ethics-Driven Partnership: TRIWA and Omniarch Unite for Amazon Expansion, Driving Sales and Values
Ethics-Driven Partnership: TRIWA and Omniarch Unite for Amazon Expansion, Driving Sales and Values

Since 2007, TRIWA has been a leader in sustainable watch design, dedicated to revolutionizing timepieces into catalysts for change. With a resolute commitment to drive positive change in the world, TRIWA works with innovative materials, such as Ocean Plastic, illegal firearms (Humanium), and Fossil-Free Steel, and supports a number of initiatives under a concept it calls Time for Change. As a testament to its success, TRIWA has sold 2.5 million watches to date.

The partnership between TRIWA and Omniarch centers around TRIWA’s expansion on Amazon, with Omniarch serving as a comprehensive full-service agency. This strategic collaboration encompasses all facets of navigating the highly competitive landscape and leveraging marketplaces to access a broader customer base.

As we look to expand our business, we are selective in connecting with true collaborative partners who we can trust and rely on due to their way of working and their expertise. With Omniarch, we have found a true business partner, and we are excited to grow our marketplace business with them.” – Ryan Looysen, CEO, TRIWA AB.

Omniarch’s role as a full-service agency entails providing expertise through strategic advisory as well as operational tasks such as ensuring conversion-driven product detail pages, evergreen content, and advertising. By embracing this holistic approach, TRIWA can effectively navigate the complexities of the online marketplace, optimize its presence on Amazon, and unlock opportunities for growth.

Omniarch’s role as a full-service agency goes beyond strategic advisory; we also take on operational tasks to enhance TRIWA’s online presence. From crafting conversion-driven product detail pages to creating evergreen content and managing advertising, our holistic approach enables TRIWA to navigate the complexities of the online marketplace with ease. Together, we will optimize TRIWA’s presence on Amazon and unlock new opportunities for growth.” – Emelie Lunde, Business Lead Marketplace & Expansion, Omniarch AB.

TRIWA’s expansion onto Amazon, fueled by the partnership with Omniarch, is supported by a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation. Ethical considerations hold immense importance for TRIWA, as evidenced by its dedication to using sustainable materials and unwavering support for ethical initiatives. This commitment resonates with Omniarch, further strengthening the alignment between the two partners.
For TRIWA requests for interview, imagery and further information, please email TRIWA@manifest.group

About TRIWA:
Working with innovative materials, organizations and ambassadors that care about making the world a little better, TRIWA’s collection of watches and fashion accessories are designed in Stockholm, Sweden to last, start conversations and tell stories. Welcome to the world of TRIWA. It’s Time for Change.
About Omniarch:
Through our partnership with TRIWA, a trailblazing ethical watch and accessories brand, we are excited to bring together our extensive knowledge and capabilities to drive their expansion on Amazon. At Omniarch, we truly value the power of collaboration and strong partnerships. Our approach is grounded in building real connections with our clients, immersing ourselves in their brand ethos and goals. By aligning our expertise with TRIWA’s core values, we create a dynamic synergy that propels their growth and success.

For Omniarch requests for interview, imagery and further information, please email emelie@omniarch.se

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